European Youth
Energy Network

We place youth at the heart of the European energy transition

Our Vision

We aim to be the voice of all energy-focused youth organisations in Europe, enabling youth to lead the European energy transition.

Today, there is a lack of youth engagement in energy policy. As youth we have the outside view which is necessary to question the status quo and find solutions to tackle the climate crisis. Additionally, there is a lack of cooperation between youth-led energy organisations and also insufficient understanding of institutions and processes. We built the European Youth Energy Network (EYEN) to fix that.

What we do

EYEN is the European network of energy-focused youth organisations from across Europe, whose mission is to place youth at the heart of the European energy transition. This is how we do it:


Energy-focused youth organizations with each other and to actors in the energy sector, both at international and local levels


Opportunities, share knowledge, develop skills with training programmes and improve the outreach of youth organizations


Young energy leaders, facilitating their engagement with national and European governments and their participation in high-level debates

New in our network

EYEN Launch Event

• June 29th 2021 •

Curious to get to know more about EYEN, what opportunities we may offer and how you can get involved? Join us online!

Intergenerational Partnership for Hydrogen

• June 1st 2021 •

Join us online at CEM12MI6 for an inclusive discussion on how to enable a successful clean hydrogen transition!

EYEN wins Youth Digital Hackathon

• March 17th 2021 •

Our idea was to create the first online hub for understanding and engaging with policymaking.


help us raise 15,000 €​

Establishing an organisation is costly… Maintaining the infrastructure which supports it as well. EYEN is run by volunteers, but we still have a lot of expenses to cover! Help us to place youth at the heart of the European energy transition by donating to our crowdfunding.

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