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Energy Transition Careers Compass

EYEN has a new project . . .

The Energy Transition Careers Compass – empowering youth to discover careers in the energy transition, and growing the energy transition workforce. We invite everyone working in sustainable energy to contribute their job roles to the questionnaire launching the project. And to follow the launch of the digital tool featuring a diversity of positions, skill sets and geographies to explore. Thank you to our tech partner Green Jobs Tree for making this happen! 

If you’re at COP28, reach out to us at We have packed all that you need to know about the compass, its background, methodology and survey into a booklet; and will be sharing updates via EYEN’s LinkedIn. 

Please note: the mobile version is currently being developed. Please enter the platform via your laptop. 


We have a problem: A skilled workforce is essential for accomplishing the energy transition effectively. A total of more than 30 million jobs could be created in clean energy, efficiency, and low-emissions technologies by 2030. However, significant skill gaps exist, and many young people face uncertainty in identifying their role within this landscape. Here is why we’re building the ambitious Energy Transition Careers Compass bridging sectors and generations:

  1. Because change is about more than engineering, and you don’t need a STEM degree to have a clean energy career. Individuals from various backgrounds – from manufacturing to marketing – can find their place in the energy transition.
  2. Because youth deserve to get a better insight into the different career paths available. With this clarity, they can make informed & confident decisions about their education and career choices, leading them towards fulfilling and impactful roles.
  3. Because as an international youth-led network we want to ensure youth representation in all job roles for sustainable energy.


At EYEN, we created a new task force in 2023 mapping job roles across the energy transition job ecosystem. The first step: a questionnaire spread publicly and with youth organisations to understand the current situation. We cared about making the resulting database accessible, comprehensive, and inclusive. Thus, sectors covered range from research and development to installation, operation and maintenance, policy and roles in civil society, youth advocacy and NGOs. And we’re making paths beyond those traditionally associated with the energy transition visible.

The currently developed online tool will feature a visual interface to click through categories, roles and associated skills. It will also enable professionals of any age looking into opportunities to transition into new sustainable energy roles.The project will be presented at the Student Energy Summit, the EU Commission and the internal climate conference COP over the next months. We’re not just bringing claims and pledges to COP; we’re presenting a concrete solution.

How can you help?

Now we need your support to build a solid and diverse base of job roles. Fill in the questionnaire and spread the word! Since the Energy Transition Careers Compass is a global tool, contributions from the Global South are highly encouraged. More updates are coming here, on LinkedIn, and in EYEN’s newsletter.