European Policy Hub

The European Policy Hub aims to spark youth engagement with policy, enabling youth to understand and significantly impact policies!

We strongly believe young people are essential for the energy transition in Europe, as a highly active group deeply concerned about energy and climate. Our aim is to provide them with the digital tools necessary for developing their ideas into real action. Watch our winning pitch for the EU “Solve the Gap” Hackathon to better understand how our idea works:

The EU Policy Hub  will enable youth to correctly and consciously have an impact on policy-making by:

  • Identifying specific problematics
  • Raising awareness of specific issues
  • Pushing proposals on the political agenda
  • Creating and Participating and in public consultations
  • Contributing to existing think-tanks and organisations

Follow policies from their ideation to their implementation and get inspired by how young people impacted policies in the past. Take a closer look at our Minimum Viable Product in the video below. You can also play with our updated MVP here.

Are you ready to be part of the change?

We want to create something that we can do all together! Are you a motivated individual or do you represent a youth organisation active in a specific sector? Are you ready to co-create the EU Policy Hub tool with us? Let us know by filling in the form below:

* Programming knowledge is required for the website development team
Let us know what are your expertise and interests!
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