Intergenerational Partnership for Hydrogen: Roadmap for 2050

We will showcase an intergenerational and multidimensional view of Hydrogen in the Energy field through an inclusive discussion on how to enable a successful clean hydrogen transition! The future of clean hydrogen technologies not only requires the knowledge of the senior experts and leaders in the energy field, but also the creativity, enthusiasm and radical innovation of young professionals and students. In fact, it is key to understand that the youth of today will be leading the hydrogen sector by 2050. Do not the miss the introduction from EYEN Vice-President, Miguel Mósca, and the exciting panel with: Kate Power (Moderator),… Read More »Intergenerational Partnership for Hydrogen: Roadmap for 2050

Launch Event

The launch event will introduce EYEN to a wide range of EU and European stakeholders and kick start dialogues between EYEN and its potential members/partners. Hence, youth organisations and other stakeholders in the energy sector are welcomed to attend the launch event. As a participant, you will learn more about EYEN’s founding history and how it will be active in Europe and the world. EYEN aims to be the voice of all energy-focused youth organisations in Europe. Its mission is to place youth at the heart of the European energy transition, by empowering energy-focused youth organizations, connecting them with each… Read More »Launch Event