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Meet our Network

We like to describe ourselves as a network of networks, as a federation of energy-focused youth organisations. But who joined us in this adventure and why?


Our members are non-profit, fully established European energy-focused youth organisations that support EYEN’s vision.

As an European federation, our main goal is to unify the youth movement that takes place through youth organizations and echo their efforts in accelerating the energy transition. Our voice only gets stronger by gathering as many youth organizations as possible, showing that their vision for a better energy system in Europe is a priority at regional, national and European level. By helping our members stand together we prove that youth opinions should be considered in decision making processes.


A Partner is any organisation establishing an official relationship with the EYEN, which is intended to achieve their common objectives.

To fulfil our vision of creating a more sustainable Europe, good collaboration is key. We want to create a place where people can come together and help to push forward the energy transition in Europe. Together with our partners, we will bridge the gap between youth organizations and stakeholders in the energy market.