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How can you contribute to EYEN?

Do you think lack of youth engagement in the European energy policy is an issue? Join EYEN! Be part of the network of networks.

As an individual

Join as a volunteer, by being an active member of the team that makes this all possible.

As an energy-related youth organisation

Be a member of our network, contributing and taking advantage from it.

As a company or start-up in the energy field

Partner up with us, and get closer to the young and active workforce in this area.

As an entity who believes in what we’re doing

Sponsor us! Our funding team will be delighted to meet you.


Do you think youth should be more engaged in the energy transition? Do you want to change that? Or are you a motivated individual simply looking for a nice side project? Check our current open positions and let us know below:


Are you representing an energy related youth association and would like to be part of the network?

What are the benefits?

  • Connect with youth, other members and more stakeholders in the Energy field
  • Share and stay informed about success stories from EYEN and its members
  • Be empowered on a EU level

Here’s what you need to do:

Fill in our Membership Application form. Please make sure you complete all sections of the document and send it together with the following ones:

  • Original statutes or by-laws;
  • Statutes or by-laws in English (if different than the original);
  • Yearly-action plan;

Send us everything to and we will be in touch shortly! Once accepted, your organisation will be considered a candidate member at the expense of the next General Assembly, where the existing members will approve the full membership.

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Partners & Sponsors

If you wish to start a partnership with us, email us to to start the process. Present your organisation and your idea, and we will kick-start the negotiation phase, where we will co-create the partnership agreement.

Find out more on what it means to be one of our