What is a member?

Our members are non-profit, fully established European energy-focused youth organisations that support EYEN’s vision.

These active organisations either:

  • Represent youth in energy or climate policymaking;
  • Engage youth with energy or climate policymaking;
  • Educate youth on energy and sustainability.

Member organisations have the right to vote in any General Assembly meeting. If your organisation got accepted by the Governing Board and is waiting to be officially admitted by the General Assembly, you are considered a Candidate member. Candidate members enjoy all the benefits apart from being able to represent EYEN and having voting rights.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Connect with youth, other members and more stakeholders in the Energy field

  • get involved in joint projects
  • attend/send representatives to events organized by EYEN
  • benefit from EYEN partners’ initiatives
  • extend your membership thanks to EYEN matchmaking
  • lead or contribute to EYEN Thematic Working Groups (to be established)

Share and stay informed about success stories from EYEN and its members

  • access our selected news and updates on opportunities in the Energy sector for youth
  • showcase your events, activities and opportunities on EYEN’s channels to other members, partners and individuals

Be empowered on a EU level

  • participate in high level discussions with key stakeholders of the energy sector on behalf of EYEN
  • have voting rights and ultimately co-deciding the course of EYEN
  • contribute and be featured in the EU Youth in Energy yearly report
  • through advocacy campaigns on youth engagement

Your commitments as a member

Every member must:

  • Follow and comply with the EYEN Statutes;
  • Maintain, at least, the minimum requirements for membership, regarding size and geographical scope (to be established);
  • Assign one active person to liaise with EYEN as Member Focal Point;
  • Follow the communication guidelines on the publicization/showcasing of your membership given by the EYEN Communication Working Group on the use of your membership, use of visual identity and social media publications;
  • Ensure a delegation representative of the organisation in EYEN Membership Meetings;
  • Contribute actively to EYEN activities during the year.

How to become a member?

Here’s what you need to do:

Fill in our Membership Application form. Please make sure you complete all sections of the document and send it together with the following ones:

  • Original statutes or by-laws;
  • Statutes or by-laws in English (if different than the original);
  • Yearly-action plan;

Send us everything to and we will be in touch shortly! Once accepted, your organisation will be considered a candidate member at the expense of the next General Assembly, where the existing members will approve the full membership.

Founding members

EYEN couldn’t have been built without help. Our founding members contributed to the establishment of EYEN by providing expertise and resources and conform the first General Assembly.