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Meet the Network / Partners


What is a partner?

A Partner is any organisation establishing an official relationship with the EYEN, which is intended to achieve their common objectives.

The Partnership Agreement is defined on a case-by-case basis which establishes the relationship between each partner. It includes the requirements, expected outcomes, objectives and the benefits for that partnership.

There are two types of partners:

Strategic: collaborate with EYEN on a specific area to achieve their goals.

Financial/Sponsors: provide monetary support for the EYEN, who will provide something in return.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

Partnership benefits will be dependent on the Partnership Agreement and the nature of the specific collaboration and its expected outcomes. Some of them may be:

Expand their network

  • bridge the gap between youth and the energy sector. EYEN will be the intermediary to ensure fruitful connections and inter-generational dialogue;
  • connect with other experts and organisations through EYEN’s events.

Reputational Benefits and Branding

  • be featured on our website to show their support for the energy transition;
  • increase your brand’s recognition through EYEN’s events;
  • participate as our speaker experts during EYEN’s events;
  • showcase your activities and professional opportunities as well as any other info of interest to the network.

How to become a partner?

If you wish to start a partnership with us, email us to to start the process. Present your organisation and your idea, and we will kick-start the negotiation phase, where we will co-create the partnership agreement.


Our partners are organisations with which we have written agreements to mutually support our work.


Our collaborators are organisations with which we have collaborated or are collaborating on specific activities, but do not have written agreements to mutually support our work outside these activities.


We have joined networks of like-minded organisations to increase our impact

Meet the Network / Partners