About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to place youth at the heart of the European energy transition, by empowering energy-focused youth organizations, connecting them with each other and with key actors in the energy sector, and sharing knowledge on European and national levels.

Our Story

We are passionate and experienced in the European energy sector and in youth engagement. After participating in the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial as youth delegates, we noticed something was missing. There was a lack of youth participation in high-level debates and ministerial meetings concerning the European energy transition. In order to change this, we decided to found EYEN.

EYEN has been working closely with DG ENER and the UN Major Group for Children and Youth (UNMGCY) via the SDG7 Youth Constituency (SDG7 YC) to establish and develop the network. In June 2020, we helped develop the first ever European Youth Energy Day. We’re taking it further, contributing to the following one within EUSEW2021. Following our Youth Shaping the Climate Pact event in December 2020, we wrote a policy paper on “Gaps and ideas for youth engagement”. Our proposals were received by DG CLIMA, who then invited us to contribute for the Climate Pact. In March 2021, EYEN won the SOLVE THE GAP Hackathon with the OpenPolicy Europe project.

Meet the volunteers behind EYEN

We are made up of young professionals and entrepreneurs who dedicate some of their time to building and strengthening the network of networks.

Core Team

Our core team is responsible for the day-to-day decisions, the coordination and management of the organization. We cooperate with relevant stakeholders while preparing and implementing the long-term strategy of the network.

Federico Barbieri

Co-founder & SDG7 YC Regional Focal Point - Europe

Luciana Miu

Co-founder & SDG7 YC Regional Focal Point - Europe

Miguel Mósca


Cristiana Marchitelli


Beniamin Strzelecki

SDG7 YC Global Focal Point


We organize ourselves in five separate working groups: Governance, Membership, Partnership & Funding, Communication & Marketing and the Knowledge Hub. The director of secretariat links our board vision to the the operational work of the secretariat, manages its staff and coordinates EYEN’s projects and events.

Jacopo Sala

Director of Secretariat


We are responsible for the construction and discussion of the structure, right, dues and functioning of the network. We are in charge for the creation of the EYEN statutes and by-laws but also for the conception of how the different bodies that constitute the organization work with each other, nomination, elections and their functions.

Alberto Claudio Alvisi


Najam Memon


Evi Makri

GDPR Co-coordinator


We are the bridges of EYEN. On one hand, we connect youth organizations with governmental, industry and third-sector bodies in the energy field. On the other hand, we connect individuals with established youth organizations and their ongoing activities. This will all happen on both an European and national levels.

Alejandro Vas


Beatriz Ildefonso


Partnership & Funding

We collaborate with other organisations to help bridging the gap between youth and the energy sector. We are also the people working for EYEN to have the financial resources it needs to function, by searching for and applying to different scholarships and funding programmes, as well as establishing contact with potential sponsors.

María Luisa Scarano


Amélie Girard


Juan Sebastián Álvarez


Communication & Marketing

We are the interlink between you and the European Youth Energy Network. Given that, we develop EYEN’s character and presence, to promote our activities and offer you content, events or workshops. We are realizing this by creating our website as your single stop market for correct and updated information, content and direct links to your most valuable potential partners, so that we can empower you to become yourself the voice of the energy transition and foster discussions and debates.

Adriana Bascone


Giulia Fabrizi

Social media Co-coordinator

Sara Vieira

Website Co-coordinator

Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is the grid that empowers EYEN and provides the latest information on events and resources for your energy transition journey. Explore the Knowledge Hub (coming soon!) and you will be able to find out about upcoming energy-related events and funding opportunities as well as develop your understanding of energy-related topics and access a wealth of learning resources.

Bohumila Klajblová


Nick Ogilvie


Event & Project managers

Some projects require cross-functional teams, where members from different working groups collaborate with each other. When that happens, we create a dedicated team to that event or project.

Carlotta Ferri

PreCOP26 Event Manager

Andrea Mili

OpenPolicy Europe Project Manager


The EYEN Advisory board is made of people who have already contributed in youth engagement sectors either at local, national or European level. The advisors support EYEN with our knowledge, experience, network and perspective. We act as reality checkers for EYEN initiatives and also share opportunities from the business and institutional worlds with the network.

Erik Turner

Advisor & Vice-president of YES-Europe

Marco Costa

Advisor & Co-leader of the Energy Policy Programme - CommUnity by EIT InnoEnergy

Would you like to be part of this motivated team that makes it all possible?